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Immediate rehabilitation programme under social safety net in Myanmar by international organisations could also help solve the Rohingya refugee problem here.

Food Minister Dr Abdur Razzaque yesterday stated this to the regional representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Raymond Hall at a meeting in the Secretariat.

He said that the government has given shelter to Rohingya on a humanitarian point consideration. But the unregistered Rohingya have been spreading across the country and creating social problems in the country, he said.

The government has faced several problems when enrolling the unregistered Rohingya. "When the government took initiative to enrol the unregistered Rohingya, a large number of Myanmar citizens started pouring into the country," he said.

Intensifying social safety net programmes by the international agencies could be encouraged to repatriate the Rohingyas, he said.

Hall said that the Rohingyas have no citizenship right in their own country. "Even they could not move freely from one village to another in Myanmar or arrange marriage of their children with people from other villages.

Any violation of these regulations, he said, would mean punishment including jails. Following the series of repression, they left their own country," UNHCR representative said.

The UNHCR official said the unregistered Rohingyas should be enrolled as the Myanmar authorities would agree only to take those registered refugees.

The Registered Rohingya is now 24,000, sources in the Disaster Management Ministry said. The number of unregistered Rohingyas would exceed more than two lakh who are spread across the country.


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