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Myanmar Ertanic Kokar Waa refugees returning home

Posted by MRS Sunday, August 30

Panic-stricken residents have begun to return to Myanmar after the country's government said the northeastern region has "returned to normal". Border inhabitants fled into Southwest China's Yunnan province after armed conflicts in Myanmar broke out last week. Yunnan's provincial government settled about 30 thousand of them at the height of the clashes, providing food and medical treatment.

Meng Sutie, Director-general of Yunnan Public Security Department, said, "Since August the 27th, about 30 thousand Myanmar residents have arrived in Yunnan province. Myanmar fired three shells at China, killing one Chinese resident and injuring two others."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says it hopes Myanmar can resolve its domestic issues and safeguard the stability of its border. Myanmar's government has apologized for the casualties. It has also thanked the Chinese government for its treatment of Myanmar residents, and promised to protect the safety and legal rights of Chinese citizens in Myanmar.


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