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UNHCR cards to move around the country

Posted by MRS Friday, March 12

KOTA BARU: The state Immigration Department has uncovered a new ploy by illegal immigrants trying to elude arrest; they are posing as refugees sanctioned by the United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) for Refugees.
They carry fake UNHCR cards to move around the country, get jobs and escape deportation.

Department enforcement division deputy assistant director Mohamad Zaidi Che Morad said syndicates involved in falsifying documents had found a good demand for the fake UNHCR cards.

"The cards are believed to have been produced by the syndicates in a few states and sold to the illegal immigrants," he said yesterday.

Zaidi said the department detected the tactic after confiscating a number of fake UNHCR cards in a series of operations held since last year.

"Syndicate members produce the cards based on demand from illegal immigrants, especially those from Myanmar and Bangladesh.

"The foreigners will carry the cards and pretend that they are refugees while working in this country."

In the latest case, Zaidi said, the department found a Myanmar who produced a fake UNHCR card when asked for his work permit and travel document last week.

"The Myanmar was arrested along with 23 other illegal immigrants for various offences under the Immigration Act.

"In the same operation, we also arrested eight Pakistanis for misusing their permits by working as petty traders, instead of working at construction sites."


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