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Rohingya Refugee 29 Job Seekers Detained In Bangkok

Posted by MRS Saturday, August 29

Twenty-nine Bangladeshis are waiting to hear from the Bangladesh embassy for the last four months about their repatriation after landing in an immigration detention centre in Bangkok.

Coast guards of Myanmar and Thailand detained them in the sea as they started a dangerous journey by a fishing trawler to reach Malaysia to eke out a better living, according to our correspondent in Bangkok.
Officials at the foreign ministry, however, have told that the Bangladesh mission in Bangkok had had no information about the detention of Bangladeshis in Thailand.
Iqbal Hossain, 25, one of the detained illegal migrants, told in the Thai capital that the poor people, mostly day-labourers from Cox's Bazar and Patia, were detained and treated badly by Myanmar coast guards.

Hossain, who had his national ID (2222401529919) issued from Cox's Bazaar district, said he boarded a boat after paying Tk 16,000 to a manpower agent. He managed the money by selling off gold ornaments of his mother and sister.
Mohammed Hossain, 17, a grade 10 student, could not walk properly after the torture by the Myanmarese guards.
Then, he said, they were pushed to the Thai coast in early January this year.
Thai coast guard caught them 11 days after they had set out and passed them as Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.
However, he said, the Bangladesh mission in Bangkok did not provide them any support, which meant they could not approach the Thai authorities for repatriation. They have been living in the immigration detention centre with 93 Rohingya refugees.
He said he had boarded the trawler on Dec 23 from Baiskhaslki, Gondamara village.
"I urge Bangladesh government to take me back or I will commit suicide," Hossain, who claimed himself to be the only survivors of the group travelled, told
A Thai NGO, People's Empowerment, has been trying to provide them food during the month of Ramadan.
"Our mission (in Bangkok) has no such information," Kazi Imtiyaz Hossain, a foreign ministry director general, told on Wednesday.
Foreign secretary Mohamed Mijarul Quayes authorised him to talk to

Another foreign ministry official, asking he not be named, told that the embassy could not recognise any trafficked person as Bangladesh national unless their identities were ascertained.
Burmese Rohingya refugees and Bangali-speaking Indians also claim themselves as Bangladeshis when they are caught abroad, said the official.


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