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Posted by MRS Friday, April 2

SERIOUS eyes, shoulder carry more weight. That's bad luck that befell the Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, they are oppressed and violated the rights of the Myanmar junta.

They were born as citizens of Myanmar, but was denied the right to have identity cards, and even basic human rights to live in their own land with a savagely violated. Rohingya women raped and violated every time the Myanmar military. Ethnic average follow Islam, but they are restricted to move freely even to the mosque to perform prayer. Unfortunately, many Malaysians especially the Malays who have a negative stigma against ethnic Rohingya refugees are treated like immigrants in the land of Malaysia, although they have endorsements from the United Nations (UN) to stay here. Kecetekan source of accurate information and ketidakpekaan the fate of ethnic Rohingya ethnic omitted resulted in Malaysian society. Although a large number of them have lived almost 45 years in Malaysia, they are unable to enjoy life like a normal human being. They are deprived of education, employment, health and safety and the law. To meet the needs of living here, they can only ask for alms from the public. Although most of them have a card UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), but the card is not much help, just to let them live in the nation. This is also acknowledged UNHCR itself.

To help children and young Rohingya is a basic education, a total of eight students from the Institute of Teachers, representing Penang Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation Muslim Aid voluntarily implement a program to read and write (2M) to defend the fate of these Rohingya children. Program held in Bagan Dalam, Pulau Pinang implemented three months from February to May 2010 with the assistance of UNHCR funds. According to program coordinator, Wardah Abdul Rahman, 25, the program is run on every Sunday starting at 9 am to 1 pm.

A total of 31 Rohingya children aged four to 17 years gathered to participate in this program. "The program is implemented to the Rohingya children because they do not have the privilege to gain knowledge as other children who are able to go to school. The program aims to help them master reading and writing skills so that they are no longer oppressed of the earth itself," he said. According to Wardah, to facilitate the teaching and learning process, all volunteers developing curriculum by dividing them into four groups according to the proficiency of these 2M. Achievement tests will be held at the end of the month to evaluate the performance of these students. They also provided teaching equipment and food provided the volunteers. During this period, every week of Rohingya children are taught to dominate the Malay language as they age. The course modules are fully prepared volunteers Muslim Aid also the facilitator of student teachers. "Although volunteers have difficulty interacting with children as they use the language of Myanmar, the seriousness and sincerity should be praised because they are willing to teach the basic Malay language," he said. However, something that is outside the knowledge of the seriousness of this Rohingya children receive knowledge. Even their own parents also have a greater awareness that education could change their fate. Difficult life had resulted in some neglected aspects of children's education. They can not afford to send children to private schools or study to attend extra classes that require large expenditures. So, the class for free as a volunteer service is very reliable. "Volunteers are given the 'green' to educate and teach our children their own way even when the full rigor for their children educated and actually become useful," he said.

Add Wardah, a short period of time for three months really is not enough for their learning. However, if after it received funding from the UNHCR will resume this program. For children who have advanced writing, reading and speaking in Malay, they will become trainers for the next generation. In this way education will continue to expand from one generation to another generation. Wardah hope that efforts could bring awareness to Malaysians about the problems that befell his seislam here.


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