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Posted by MRS Monday, August 24

Woman dies during delivery
Written by Webmaster MRS
Thursday, 20 August 2009 10:36
Maungdaw, Arakan State: A woman died, while giving birth to triplets in Maungdaw Township on August 9, said a relative of the victim.
The victim has been identified as Moni Begum (25), wife of Shamshul Alam, who hails from Shwe Zaar Village of Maungdaw Township.

The husband of the victim is very poor, so he was not able to take his wife to the hospital in Maungdaw Town. Observing the critical condition of his wife, her husband was trying to collect some money to send her to hospital in time to save her life. But he failed, the relative added.

Earlier, a woman from the same village was admitted in the government hospital of Maungdaw Town, and she had spent Kyat 300,000 for her delivery. So, the victim’s husband had tried to get the same amount of money, but he was able to collect only Kyat 100, 000.

As a result, the victim had to give birth at home by taking help from a local traditional nurse. Unfortunately, the victim gave birth to three children at a time, so her condition became very critical. The local traditional nurse was not able to do anything, due to lack of knowledge, said a local elder.

The victim, after giving birth to three still-born children, also died after half an hour. Her husband was very disappointed for he could not save the life of his wife, due to his extreme poverty.

There are many women in northern Arakan State, who die for lack of medical treatment during pregnancy as there are not enough medicines, clinics and doctors, said an elderly woman from the locality


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